Adidas Messi 15.1 Soccer Cleats Review For You

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Speaking of Messi, I want to be considered by many as the greatest player of all time.After adi when new Ace and X series soccer cleats hit "The game has changed" slogan, saying that there are only two players in The world: one kind is good at control The game, The other is good at breaking The situation.But one of the exceptions is Messi, who not only is able to control the situation on the pitch, but also is able to break the deadlock for the team with his own ability.Adidas, the sponsor, has launched a pair of personal color soccer cleat for him, and the Messi 15.1 shoes are being dubbed "god's war boots" by many.
Let's take a look at the shoes.

Adidas Messi 15.1 FG Green Soccer Cleats

Shoes Material

The messi 15.1  is made of a super-fibrous fabric called MessiTouch, named after the player, which is an alternative precursor.
MessiTouch is a super-fibrous fabric that was developed for the exclusive MessiTouch shoe, which Adidas claims has the soft texture of a goatskin and the perfect flexibility.
When you touch the actual shoe, you'll see that it's really, as advertised, very soft with the texture of goat skin.
In addition, if you look closely at the top of the shoe, you will also find that there are small grid patterns, which can help strengthen the control of the shoe against the football.
A major highlight of this pair of shoes are in the back of the shoe, this is also the shoes eye-catching place, we see the shoes you will find that the large area of the TPU patch at the back of the right, after all this with the front of the smooth fruity shoe is in stark contrast.
This is actually the supporting frame of adie's new design, which is also named MessiFRAME after messi. The main function of this frame is to enhance the stability of the shoe body.
The frame covers the entire middle and back of the shoe and is connected to the shoelace system, providing the best lock for intense confrontation.
You can see the shoelaces running through the MessiFRAME system, creating a great lock feel.
MessiFRAME combined with the vamp to perfection, and Adidas was really good at making shoes.

Adidas Messi 15.1 FG Green Soccer Cleats


The shoes design


The Mess 15.1 pair of exclusive football shoes is made of ice crystal blue as the starting color and the tongue is decorated with bright yellow.The overall line of the shoe body is relatively round and smooth from the side, without the sharp sense of sharp edges and corners.
The first thing a shoe feels when it's in your hand is light, so light that you can hardly feel the weight of a shoe.
Compared with Adidas's X and ACE series soccer cleats, which are relatively subversive in appearance, Messi 15.1 is more normal.
The anti-skid lining similar to suede is adopted in the aspect of heel lining.The inside of the shoe is also very round and mellow, and the black midsole is decorated with yellow spikes, which has a very personal character.The whole pair of shoes are round, the left foot on the heel is the logo of the individual, the right foot is the logo of Adidas, the black and yellow color of some gold, enhancing the quality of the shoe style.

Shoe Tongue

Tongue with Messi personal logo, see will find some of the thickness of the tip of the tongue, this is Adidas here into a shock memory sponge, on the one hand can slow the football on the impact of the instep, on the other hand can also strengthen shoe wearing comfort as a whole.However, there is no breathable cooling hole design on the tongue.The shoe label on the back of the tongue.The front of the insole is covered with thin knitwear, but it is not slippery when actually worn.The insole is very thin and does not have damping measures. There are many irregular lines on the back, which have certain anti-skid effect.

Shoe Bottom

Look at the bottom of the shoe, the bottom of the messi15.1 is called the bottom of MessiPrint, and the design of the sole is based entirely on the individual's preferences.The hollow sole design greatly reduces the weight of the shoe body.At the same time, the sharp triangular nail can also activate the player's skills such as turning and changing direction at high speed.The pin in the middle of the front palm is engraved with the exclusive logo for it, and this tiny detail shows Adidas's preference for it.Not only that there is some special preference for design, that's two paw round nails, familiar with Messi field knows that, in order to make shoes in line with their own style of play, Messi will usually take shoe sole front two shoe nail polish round a bit, this pair of shoe of a Messi is individual preferences, and at the top of the sole is added into a crescent-shaped auxiliary design of the ball.The MessiGAMBETRAX crossbar design is carried in the middle of the shoe to ensure the hollow-out bottom has strong resilience and torsion resistance during high speed running.The two spikes in the heel were also changed to round ones according to the custom of Messi.

Adidas Messi 15.1 FG Green Soccer Cleats

Shoes can be clearly felt on the top of the foot and are really tight, thanks to the TPU straps on the outside, which are easy to grip along with the laces.
Secondly, the shoes are comfortable, although the package is very tight, but the materials of the heel suede make the feet comfortable, and the heel material anti-skid effect is good.
Also let me shine at the moment is the shoe body weight, even though I don't have measured the weight of this pair of shoes, but through the measured data of netizens, Messi 15.1 these shoes only weight around 220, it is very light.

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