Nike Tiempo Legend 7 TF Soccer Cleats Wearing Feelings

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Nike Tiempo Legend 7 TF Wearing Feelings



Recently, there have been a lot of good reputation of genuine leather TF shoes, so when it comes to real leather and TF, it is natural that Nike Tiempo Legend 7 TF is indispensable.
In the eyes of many people this is a part and the doctrine of the mean of leather shoes, a new generation of the legendary 7 in leather NDA joined the new elements of science and technology at the same time, some of its change and the detail is really able to impress you?
Let's have a look!

Nike Tiempo Legend VII TF Soccer Cleats

Shoes Body

Although Nike Tiempo Legend 7 TF is Nike's classic and traditional leather soccer shoe, its side lines still look regional and fast.

The thick, upturned frame of the shoe also gives it a hard edge, giving it a look of strength.

Widespread diffusion of small leather material is very good, and to keep the big field top 7 of the built-in skeleton, the integration of the advantage is very really shoe, can optimize the actual wearing feeling.

Interestingly Nike Tiempo Legend 7 TF circle of whole shoe head inside a starched material quality, the whole soft leather material to "top up", this also allows it to the top of the shoe showed good volume, for the majority of foot type both have good compatibility.
However, the outer layer did not see the anti-wear design, and the edge did not strengthen the car line.

Traditional center symmetric shoelaces system is equipped with a separate tongue, this top and large field version of the integration of fabric tongue or is there a difference, the first three LACES holes can be seen at the top of the three slightly thick nylon thread.

Both sides of the middle and independent tongue can see the black elastic elastic elastic elastic band fixed, which can effectively prevent the tongue from deviating.

Shoes Material

The top Nike Tiempo Legend 7 TF of the larger field version is made of a Flyknit fabric covered in a hot melt film, while the top Nike Tiempo Legend 7 TF of the smaller field version is made of artificial fibers.

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 TF heel liner material, using a combination of large mesh and sponge liner.


Nike Tiempo Legend VII TF Soccer Cleats


Shoe Bottom Design

1. Outsole is equipped with a new whole palm non-trace wear-resisting rubber soles, shoe nail from the structure and characteristics are quite when years AG + TF, hollow conical shoe nail is relatively larger, pay more attention to the usual stability and traction.

2. The ball according to the division of the area of the part has carried on the simple, area between studs are related to each other through reinforcement, the design is very reasonable, in the middle of the large area of fingerprint pattern design and able to bear or endure look, in various ways are nothing wrong with the soles.

3. Because there is an open window in the shape of a soup spoon in the middle and back of the outer bottom, the orange Lunar damping material can be seen inside, which also ensures its comfort and shock absorption performance to the greatest extent.


Nike Tiempo Legend VII TF Soccer Cleats


As a pair of genuine leather TF sneakers, it weighs only 270g (JP 275), which is not heavy but not light, and is a medium weight.

From the point of its location and price, LegendX VII Pro TF belongs to a small series of top TF, soften the calf leather surface on the overall texture and softness and kangaroo difference is not very big, can basically meet the requirements of people fight on fine leather boots.
On the whole it pay more attention to the comfort and touch feel, Nike Tiempo Legend 7 TF in the heel lining is carried out on the details of the match, insoles can't take out independently, so its performance is in line with the "golden mean" these four words.

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