Recommend Buying Adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol Soccer Cleats

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Recommend Buying Adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol Soccer Cleats


ACE 17+ Purecontrol is a product released in 2016, and Purecontrol is the embodiment of the Adidas revolution. If the shoe-less system and the knitted shoes are not innovative enough for the traditional football shoe manufacturers, what is the revolution? Let's tie the shoes to see if Adidas has pushed their second-generation shoe-free soccer shoes to new heights, or how we can get into our big feet.


ACE 17+ Purecontrol is easy to win the 2016 Best Concept Sneakers award and is practical. The original version is great, but you can see that the shoe lacks a sufficient sense of locking under the violent action, and for a pair of shoes that cannot be customized, the shoe is difficult to fit the foot perfectly.


The new version of the collar is a little higher than the 16+, and the sole is still marked with a warning of chrome wear, but the obvious Boost makes us excited. We certainly like this technology, but in fact, this cool look makes us look happy. The sole is still the FG/AG system of tapered studs, but looks more rounded than the previous generation. The shoe frame is not obvious. From the appearance, only the NSG spots are shining at the back of the shoe.

Adidas ACE 17 Purecontrol Fg Champagne


The previous failure of Purecontrol was that the shoes would be deformed when worn, but the shape would not change. The new generation doesn't look as soft as it used to be, so we will definitely consider whether it has a new technology that will affect comfort, plus the lacing system, is the adaptability, durability and shape retention improved?


The first feeling of putting on shoes is that the feeling of wrapping is strong. The shoe compartment is equipped with an axial sleeve that locks the sole of the foot without the laces, just like the previous tongue. This sleeve system is constructed of a soft material that keeps the foot locked under unstressed conditions. This is an innovation made by Adidas from PrimeKnit 2.0.


Purecontrol does warm shoes. The outsole began to be a bit hard, and the upper became softer as it began to use. Once the outsole of the shoe and the middle section of the shoe start to move, it will provide enough elasticity and good comfort. Maybe the outer back side will look a bit harder, but that's the extra locking effect that Adidas uses to give the body a three-bar structure.

Adidas ACE 17 Purecontrol Fg Champagne


The front and middle ends of the upper are connected by a similar Pure series line structure, and the initial resilience is not good but slowly softened. The structure of the heel is the same as that of PrimeKnit, providing the same locking feel while being easy to put on and take off. PureCut collars won't squeeze your ankles.


The best thing about Purecontrol is adaptability. In the absence of shoelaces, if you do not choose the shoe size, the shoes are absolutely difficult to fit. The upper will soften. There is no pair of shoes like CE 17+ Purecontrol that must go to the actual foot test. The shoes of this pair of shoes are very positive, this big bottom can withstand the test, the spikes are perfect, it will become a classic.


The ACE 17+ Purecontrol is designed for the midfielder's core, and the lace-free system is just a plus. If Adidas gives such shoes a good sense of feel while providing a good sense of wrapping, we must be applauded for it.


In addition to the position of the shoe, the upper is quite thin. There is no way to touch the football from which part, and the feeling of passing to the foot is very real. The fine grooves in the line position have no effect on the ball. The touch before the pass made us fall in love with the shoes, and the touch and response before and after the pass were great.

Adidas ACE 17 Purecontrol Fg Champagne


Since the upper is thinner than we think, the volley feels better. The feeling of shooting is clean and neat, and the feedback is full.


Purecontrol's first-generation products have been successful, and the Purecontrol 17+ has improved a lot in locking the soles, uppers and collars.


Adidas continues to research Purecontrol, although he dare not say that it is the best shoeless football shoe ever, but hopes that one day, this series will get such praise. After all, this time is better than the previous Purecontrol. The era of no shoelaces is coming, let's enjoy it!



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